Staffing Process Development



Staffing Process Development

Imagine that you are a consultant that has been asked to develop a staffing process for a Customer Service Representative (CSR) position at national retailer. Use the information provided in your readings from Week 1 through Week 3 to create a 4- to 6-slide PowerPoint® presentation describing the general staffing models that could be employed by your client. Be sure to include slides which address:

  • Non-compensatory vs compensatory approaches to staffing
  • Ways in which staffing outcomes are evaluated
  • General legal issues related to staffing that your client should be aware of

In addition, you are tasked with designing a training program for newly hired CSRs. What general steps would you take to design the training? Use the information provided in your readings to create a 10- to 14-slide PowerPoint® presentation highlighting each step in the training development process. Be sure to describe:

  • Pre-training topics
  • Training methods
  • Training evaluation/criteria and validity

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