Motivation Journal



Identify an organization or organizations with which you are familiar. These do not have to be the same organizations you used in previous assignments.

Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word journal in which you address the following items:

  • Write at least four entries in your journal where you observe and reflect on one or more organizational situations that concern motivation. Entries should be written as if on different days.
  • Describe your selected organization.
  • Identify and explain how a perceived incongruity in the organization affects motivation. Be specific in your example.
  • Identify a discrepancy. Explain how the two types of discrepancies could be the basis of motivational action in a particular situation.
  • Explain the role of effective feedback. Identify a situation where effective feedback would be useful. How did the feedback succeed or fail in its intent? Discuss why it had that outcome.
  • Create an effective goal-setting program to increase performance (Table 8.1 in your textbook). Use a real situation as your example.Â

To earn full credit, your journal must contain each of the criteria listed in the preceding bullet points.Â

Include at least three peer-reviewed references.Â

Format your resources consistent with APA guidelines. Your journal should be double-spaced and be written in the first-person perspective, where appropriate.

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