MGMT 410 Week 4 Quiz



MGMT 410 Week 4 Quiz

Question 1

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(TCO 1) The vice president of marketing tells a marketing manager to prepare a presentation by the end of the week. The vice president is most likely exercising which of the following?


Staff authority


Procedural authority



Line authority


Functional authority

See Chapter 1. Line authority traditionally gives managers the right to issue orders to other managers or employees. Line authority therefore creates a superior (order giver)-subordinate (order receiver) relationship. Staff authority gives a manager the right to advise other managers or employees. It creates an advisory relationship.


Question 2

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(TCO 1) Sweet Leaf Tea, a Texas-based maker of bottled iced tea, is a small but fast-growing firm that has gained a loyal following for its use of fresh, organic ingredients in its beverages. Although beverage industry experts recommended that Sweet Leaf replace the organic cane sugar and honey it uses with less costly high-fructose corn syrup, Sweet Leaf refused because of the company’s mission to provide a high-quality, organic beverage to consumers. The 11-year-old company has 50 employees, and its products are available in 30% of the U.S. market. Sweet Leaf Tea recently received multimillion dollar investments that will enable the business to expand its national presence.

Which of the following, if true, best supports the idea that Sweet Leaf Tea has implemented a competitive strategy of differentiation?


New Sweet Leaf Tea customers are initially attracted to the unique labels and logo on the bottles.



Loyal customers of Sweet Leaf Tea seek products that are U.S. Department of Agriculture-certified organic despite the associated higher costs.


Other brands of bottled iced tea compete with Sweet Leaf Tea by offering new flavors at competitive prices.



Sweet Leaf Tea sells both lemonade and teas in a variety of flavors that appeal to consumers of all ages.

See Chapter 3. Differentiation is a business-level strategy that occurs when a firm seeks to be unique in its industry along dimensions that are widely valued by buyers. Sweet Leaf has developed a customer base among individuals who only buy organic products and are willing to pay more for them, so it has differentiated itself from other beverage firms.


Question 3

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(TCO 1) A large manufacturing organization uses several consulting firms to provide training programs, private staffing agencies to perform recruiting and selection activities, and a financial organization to handle benefits administration. This situation is an example of





shared services


decentralized work surveillance.





Chapter 3


Question 4

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(TCO 1) Which of the following refers to an analysis by which an organization measures where it currently stands and determines what it has to accomplish to improve its HR functions?



HR methodology


HR benchmark


HR checklist



HR audit

See Chapter 3. An HR audit is an analysis by which an organization measures where it currently stands and determines what it has to accomplish to improve its HR functions. Benchmarking, which involves comparing one firm with another, is an additional tool used by managers who take an evidence-based approach to HR management.


Question 5

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(TCO 2) Which Supreme Court case was used to define unfair discrimination in conjunction with EEO laws?


Brown v. Board of Education



Griggs v. Duke Power Company


West Coast Hotel Co. v. Parrish


Abington School District v. Schempp

See Chapter 2. Griggs v. Duke Power Company was a landmark Supreme Court case used to define unfair discrimination as put forth in EEO laws such as Title VII. The court ruled that employment practices must be job related and that discrimination does not have to be overt to be illegal. Brown v. Board of Education held that segregation in public schools was unconstitutional.


Question 6

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(TCO 2) A consequence of an employment practice that results in a greater rejection rate for a minority group than for a majority group is



adverse (or disparate) impact.


adverse attack.


adverse treatment.


disparate treatment.

Chapter 2


Question 7

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(TCO 2) Which of the following lists of reasons for being terminated consists of all exceptions to the employment at will policy?


Whistle-blowing, pregnancy, reduction in force



Pregnancy, armed forces deployment, a pilot who turns age 70



Armed forces deployment, whistle-blowing, an 18-month jury duty


Whistle-blowing, being convicted of DUI, armed forces deployment


Pregnancy, being hospitalized for 6 months, armed forces deployment

Chapter 2


Question 8

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(TCO 2) Which of the following would least likely foster diversity in the workplace?


Changing the culture through diversity training education programs



Appointing a small group of minorities to high-profile positions


Recruiting minority members to the board of directors


Using metrics to evaluate diversity programs

See Chapter 2. Tokenism occurs when a company appoints a small group of women or minorities to high-profile positions, rather than more aggressively seeking full representation for that group. Diversity is fostered through education, minority participation on the board of directors, and regular assessment.


Question 9

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(TCO 3) Pick the list that only includes methods of job analysis.



Diary/logs, observation, questionnaire, interviews


Questionnaire, restructuring, interviews, focus groups


Diary, questionnaire, technical conference


Focus groups, reduction in force, interviews


Walk-about, focus groups, interviews

Chapter 4


Question 10

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(TCO 3) Which method interviews the job incumbents simultaneously?



Group interview method


Observation method


Structured method


Individual view method

Chapter 4


Question 11

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(TCO 3) Which of the following recruiting advertisements is the least likely to be considered discriminatory by the EEOC?



Looking for folks with 1–2 years’ experience who are recently graduated from high school


Looking for tall, strong, and able-bodied employees for a job as a lumberjack



Wanted: Computer engineers with Linux experience to work the night shift


Wanted: Part-time computer engineers who would like to supplement their social security and/or pension income


Wanted: A dependable, responsible woman, preferably with a degree in education, as a “live-in” house mother for a male-only fraternity house dormitory at the University of Florida

Chapter 4


Question 12

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(TCO 3) Jane is the director of recruiting for a large corporation. Which of the following is a warning signal that her efforts are not effective?


Recruiting costs have increased 5% over the last 3 years.


Twenty-five percent of resumes are received through the Internet.


Jane’s secretary spends more time acknowledging ad responses from qualified applicants than she did a year ago.



Jane’s secretary spends more time acknowledging ad responses from underqualified applicants than she did a year ago.

Chapter 5


Question 13

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(TCO 3) Which of the following things should not be discussed in the initial job screening telephone interview?


The applicant’s relevant experience


The applicant’s relevant education


The applicant’s interest in the company



The date for the face-to-face interview



The job’s salary range

Chapter 6


Question 14

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(TCO 3) An activity included in preemployment testing that creates a miniature replica of a job is called



a performance simulation test.



a work sampling.


an assessment center.


a global testing.

Chapter 7



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