CRJ 303 Week 5 Final Paper



Final Paper

The purpose of the Final Paper is for you to examine the issues related to corrections as well as the best strategies and options designed to meet the goals of corrections. At a minimum, your paper should include the following:

A history of the corrections system and varying approaches to corrections by era.

A complete description of the participants of the corrections system and their roles.

A detailed analysis of the impediments, or issues, faced by corrections administrations when running a prison.

A complete description of the rights of prisoners, and the administration of required services by prison officials.

A detailed description of alternative forms of corrections, including methods of rehabilitation and reintroductionto society.

A comprehensive list and weighing of alternatives, both pro and con, to incarceration and alternative strategies toincarceration.

You must incorporate at least five resources, other than the text, in your Final Paper. You can supplement some of these resources you use with interviews of people involved in the field of corrections. Provide scientific data and analyses justifying the positions taken in the paper, and any other scholarly or practical references that lend credibility to the project and the findings presented. If you chose to incorporate an interview, or interviews, prepare your interview throughout the four weeks. Use this schedule when incorporating an interview into your Final Paper:

Week One: Create a list of potential corrections jobs and the location of those jobs.

Week Two: Contact the potential person to hold an interview.

Weeks Three and Four: Allow two weeks to find a good time to hold the interview and process the information


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