COMP 274 Week 5 Homework



COMP 274 Week 5 Homework

1. Describe the graphical coordinate system in Java. Where is the origin? What units apply to the x,y coordinates?

2. How would you use the Graphics class to draw a line between 2 specific points? Give an example.

3. How do you specify a particular color to be used as fill when using the Graphics class?

In java.awt.Graphics there is a method called setColor.

4. How would you create a SanSerif font of point size 14 that is bold and italic? Give an example.

5. Given a graphics object g, write a few lines of code to have that graphics object draw a green circle (filled in) that has a diameter of 100 pixels.

6. Given a graphics object g, write a few lines of code to draw a red rectangle (not filled in) with its upper left corner at position 25, 25 with a width of 100 and a height of 50.

7. What is the paintComponent method? How is it used in Java graphics? How does a program intentionally cause the paintComponent method to execute?Â

8. What does invoking the base class paintComponent method accomplish?

9. What window events can a program handle? Explain the difference between the WindowListener interface and the WindowAdapter.

10. What interface does an application need to use if it wants to get updates on the current position of the mouse cursor? How does the program get the x,y coordinates of the mouse cursor?

11. Write a few lines of code to create a timer in Java which fires an ActionEvent every 250 msec. Assume the existence of a TimerHdlr class which needs to respond to timer events.

12. Describe the types of information available to a program when using the KeyListener interface.


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