Applying Theory to Enhance Motivation



Applying Theory to Enhance Motivation

Consider a time when you, a co-worker or friend lacked motivation to perform a job or task/project at work.

Apply theory and research related to motivation, work attitudes, and stress to address the following questions in a 175- to 350-word response for each question:

  • Describe the situation. What factors contributed to the lack of motivation?
  • Explain how motivation theory could be applied to this situation.
  • Discuss work attitudes (i.e., satisfaction, commitment) and mood/emotions and their effects on the situation.
  • Analyze the role of stress in this situation. What are the major stressors in this situation? How can these stressors be managed?

Include at least two peer-reviewed references in your response. Your textbook will not count as one of your required peer-reviewed references.

Note: Information taken from the web does not meet the peer-reviewed requirement.

Format your response consistent with APA guidelines.

Submit your assignment using the Assignment Files tab above.


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